A way to believe/
A way to get things done/
A resolve to live/
To survive without a gun/
A pathway to get to the right place/
At least for those that don’t belong to the A class/
A runway where guts is the saving grace/
A hay season of drought (humble beginning) before the greener grass/
A season without a structure/
Where anything goes just to get by/
Like a painting without colour/
Searching for the right medium that attracts a good buy/
An independent perspective/
Peculiar to the subject in particular/
A season so imperative/
The streets and the people are part of its curricular/
While some see doing fraud, selling drugs and prostitution as a concept/
Many see working hard, staying legal, having a positive conscience/
It is progress, a process many regard as nonsense/
A bold fist raised up to those who stand in agreement without inferior complex/
How else do dreams come true?/
Without a money bag in the family that could be there for you/
It is to live the life fulfilled that is long over due/
Staying awake for opportunities that could be coming through/
It has a positive meaning/
And it is not demeaning/
It is a way to wake up everyday/
The place to define a space/
With the finish line on the mind/
To focus greatly on the race/
It is reality check/
Where theories don’t get the paycheque/
It is a choice you got to embrace/
Until you discover the place where there is abundance of grace.


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